Content Restoration & Storage – 24/7 Emergency Response ~

LISTEN: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! It’s crucial to get started. Saving your most valuable and cherished items in the aftermath of a fire, flood, or other disaster is possible, but you must act quickly. Example: The longer electronics are wet the higher the rate of corrosion. The longer an heirloom quilt is soot covered, wet and smoky the greater the chance it is lost forever. Geppetto Building and Restoration has this all under control. When we’re done your items are Inventoried, restored, and stored. What’s the secret? State-of-the-art content restoration equipment with techniques routinely utilized by trained and certified technicians, everyday. We’re certified to work with all insurance companies. Geppetto Building and Restoration can save your electronics, clothing, furniture, books, documents, and other valuables… Only if we all act quickly.

Content Restoration and Storage Equipment and Experience:

• Hydroxyl Generators • Ozone Chambers Deionization • Cryogenic Freezing • Electronic Restoration
• Clothing Restoration • Furniture Restoration • Books and Document Restoration • Valuable Textile and Heirloom Restoration

Content Restoration and Storage Services:

• Structural Drying • Contents Drying • Contents Cleaning • Anti-Microbial Treatments • Sewage Removal • Water Extraction and Pumping\Emergency Board-Up • Total Loss Inventory • On-Site Cleaning
• Pack-Out Moving and Content Storage • Photographic Content • Documentation • Contents Cleaning and Restoration • Content Evaluation and Repair • Ultrasonic Cleaning • Blind and Drapery Cleaning
• HVAC/Air Duct Cleaning • Ozone Deodorization and Removal • Upholstery Cleaning and Repair
• Carpet/Flooring Cleaning and Repair Temporary Electricity, Water, and Heating