Mold Remediation – 24/7 Emergency Response ~

A mold infestation in a home or office is an extremely dangerous situation for those who breathe the air hour after hour. Children, the elderly, and those with respiratory issues are especially at risk. Geppetto Building and Restoration’s staff is fully trained and certified to inspect your home for mold and remove it from the premises. We’re experts at removing mold from our extensive work in insurance restoration projects. Geppetto Building and Restoration is certified to work with all insurance companies. If you have or think you have a mold problem, please call us. Removing black mold has to be a priority as soon as it’s discovered.

Mold Remediation Equipment and Experience:

• HEPA Air Scrubbers w/ Nano Technology • Hydroxyl Generator • Dry Ice Blasting • IICRC Health & Safety • IICRC Odor Control

Common Types of Mold In Homes and Businesses:

• Penicillium • Cladosporium • Memoniella • Stachybotrys (Toxic Black Mold) • Mucor • Alternaria