Natural Disaster Response – 24/7 Emergency Response ~

A tornado wipes out a business while the owners are out of town. Severe thunderstorms blow trees onto your home. Up North cottages damaged from a forest fire. Multiple roofs collapse from heavy snow during a blizzard. The range of our capabilities in the event of a natural disaster covers every aspect of restoring your property back to normal. Geppetto Building & Restoration is able to rally over forty fully trained and certified technicians with years of experience and a fleet of equipment rigs, all ready to go within a moment’s notice. Geppetto Building and Restoration is certified to work with all insurance companies. Contact us when you need us.

Natural Disaster Response Capabilities:

• Disaster Recovery Planning • Flood & Water Damage Restoration • Sewage and Bacteria Remediation • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration • Storm & Hail Damage Restoration • Tornado, Hurricane, Blizzard Storm Damage Property Restoration • Restoration Consulting & Project Management • 40+ Emergency Response Personnel and Equipment Rigs On-Call • Certified HAZMAT Operations

Natural Disaster Response Related Services:

• Emergency Mitigation Services • Initial Damage Assessment and Inventory • Detailed Estimating • Project Coordination and Communication • Project Management • Comprehensive Restoration Services