Water Mitigation – 24/7 Emergency Response ~

Whether water damage is caused by a burst pipe, a flood, or a fire hose; water is an aggressive destroyer of the structural integrity and contents of a home or business. The quicker our water damage restoration technicians can start their work the better. Your belongings need to be quickly removed from the premises and inventoried. The drying and assessment process must begin. What can be saved will be and what can’t be must be cataloged. Geppetto Building and Restoration’s trained and certified water mitigation technicians provide the skills, equipment, and expertise to get your home or business dry and back to normal as quickly as possible. Geppetto Building and Restoration is certified to work with all insurance companies. Got Water? Contact Us Now!

Water Mitigation Equipment and Experience:

• Water Extraction Equipment • Air Movers • Desiccant Dryers • Dehumidifiers • Hydroxyl Generators
• HEPA Air Scrubbers with Nano Technology • IICRC Water Damage Restoration • IICRC Applied Structural Drying • IICRC Odor Control

Water Mitigation Restoration Related Services:

• Structural Drying • Contents Drying • Contents Cleaning • Anti-Microbial Treatments • Sewage Removal • Water Extraction and Pumping\Emergency Board-Up • Total Loss Inventory • On-Site Cleaning
• Pack-Out Moving and Content Storage